Tuesday, November 16, 2010

weigh in

wow todays work out was heavy almost no break i was being pushed hard today but it was a awesome after that the moment of truth the weigh in so the the result were i lost 4 lbs and came out to be 229 so ilost 11 lbs in 3 weeks awesome work out well today i showed my new ladder and trx to my little buddy fawn she use or tested out and worked out great but anyways today was still a good day after my mom was a little sick so i helped her out made her a stake and cokked dinner for my dad my mom told me how to do the shrimp[ washed the dishes cleaned my roo m kept going in and out most of tghe day and took a power nap very refreshing


  1. Great job!!! bet it's definately easier to get around and do things with bettering your physicall fitness and monitoring what your eatinting.

  2. Dude! Congrats!! Sorry, Been in my own world =/ but I'm BACK!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! KEEP IT UP