Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well in the morning i woke up and with my bro worked out and had a uphill walk today wow my legs were hurting it was a nice view and coming back down my legs were worse but it was a nice cardio work out came home took a nap and spent time with my gf . also yesterday I went to the usc game it was a good game I'm a bruin fan for life anyways it was the first time my bro ever been there he had fun he was just a little frustrated he didn't enjoy the game like he wanted to he didn't or doesn't understand the game but i was telling him whats was going on trying to help him out he had fun we were actually looking for parking it was 25 bucks parking and my brother only had 20 but the coolest thing is that the parking attendant was cool about it I was actually shocked!

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  1. I don't understand a thing about baseball - I was thinking to avoid the parking park close to the field somewhere and hike on in. Glad to see you have a great mindset that will take you along way in this journey. Keep up the good work!!!