Thursday, November 11, 2010

my work out

well i had a great work out today in the morning i actually tried out my new speed ladder it was more tireing then what i thought well i did my woork after i was done i went for a walk up the hill and same thing legs were hurting. well today wasnt a good  day for me i had a bad day i was very upset but idint know of what  or why was i so upset it wasnt good well anyways i will be going for my run and let my frustration gon that run


  1. I'm so glad that you were able to get your frustration out through running. I remember a time where I used to do it with eating! That's amazing didn't it make you feel better than eating. You can do this and you'll have bad days but you will get through them. You will perservere!!

  2. Bernie, things will get difficult and when you feel like that, just go out and get fresh air...good job on the run! You oughta try it at the beach and run on the sand. That'll help ya! KEEP IT UP BRO!!! JU CAN DO IT!

  3. tahnk you sis and carolyn for the support i actually feel alot different im not as mad as i use tobe