Friday, November 19, 2010


well today im going to work out with my buddy fawn today and then go to work with my dad and eat right and then go with my brother to group study so thats going to be my day today and also i want to cry im hurting my mom not feeling well and im scared she my life my world my queen i dont know what to do with out heri wouldnt know how to live my life i guess in a way im scared of life its not a bad thing but i wouldnt know how to manage my self


  1. when you work out with Fawn - she will be there for you. I just say with things like this pray and pray every moment you think of her and every moment you get sad. I will do the same for your family. I know whe must be a beautiful woman because she raised some beautiful children. You are all blessed to have eachother in your lives. Keep us updated. With Love Carolyn

  2. It's times like this when we realize our need for God all the more. Look to Him during this time Bernie. He WON'T fail you. Promise.

  3. Bernie-heeey! You talking about your mom being your queen is so sweet and endearing! I will be praying for her! Keep doing what you are doing and never give up, I am so proud of you!