Monday, February 28, 2011


weel it been a crazy week on my new job i been so exhuasted i guess in way i havent been use to thw workforce after a year off . but anywas i got excpted to american eagle just have to do the medical and will see what goes from there. just want to say fawn you and zac have been the greates towards us and i want to thank you guys again im hoping if i ge this other job ill fly us outther and visit

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

im going to miss you

i have a job and looking forward to working and working hard so yea and my best friends who gave me a new person a new mind are leaving for a great oppurtunity congrats buddy and were going to miss u it sad but good in a way it didnt hit me that much when i got a text from fawn it hit me more on sunday i got emotinal for the short time that i know you guys yuo guys have been the best thank you but anywaysi held zac pretty hard and told him thank you wish you guys weel your always loved by thegarcia family thank you to the both of you for getting me out of my world and coming out to a new one  MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT

Monday, February 14, 2011


well ihad good news im getting my badge for work wed and i have an interview with the other job wed so we see what happens ibeen feeling good all week working with my dadso thats the good news. the other thing i found some cd from my bro audible bible im downloding it to my ipod but anyways im gointo work outthis week as hard as icanm


well i been a little busy working with my dad all wekk im very exhuasted . well today i got a call for an interview on monday just when i got home so they want me there at 2 on monday hope i get this job. regardles if i hadnt lost weight or not i am so confident that i have build more muscle then fat but i feel good i realy have been trying to work m,y butt off will see how evrything goes anyways thank to every who has commented you guys make me feel powerful and good more about myself i cant get angry no more all i do now is laugh

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


well today i went to my interview and we see how that goes. now im still soar from my run i di my run yesterday from sant monica to my house took me 50 min today i ran 3 blocks and did my warm up later on i will more but im confident that evrything happens for a rerason and if god put me a good positon i was ment to be there and thats good go is great god is my my heart my life. regardles of my past im moving forward to live to grow and succeed leanr make mistakes an grow from those mistakes