Wednesday, November 3, 2010

well i had a good day today i woke up 6 am washed the dishes ate my breakfats and i also went for my dads newspaper and walked the dog this morning . so also iwent with my mom to go get kentucky fried chicken and thats my favorite i was making my mom upset with me and she threaten me that she was going to call my new friend fawn and she did i was laghing so hard but it was all in good fun  then just spent watchging tv with my parenst i knocked for a while and i went to my girlfriends house to watch toy story 3 it was a good movie now im going to get ready for my pm walk

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  1. gotta think of your name now...hmm...in case you didnt know, member I call cande fatboi, well I have to add the slim to it..lol Fatboi Slim...I talked to him about it and he's ok w/it...maybe yours can be DumDum Slim?! ok ok, I'm just kidding, ya know I love ya and I'M SO VERY PROUD OF THE CHOICE YOU MADE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!! Yay 4 YOU!!!!