Monday, March 28, 2011


my week is awesomnesunday went back to my msiac community felt awesome today istarted my new job evrything coming back to mei guessina way lax is my passion when i get into it i felll ike im on top of the world and im unstoppale but anyways it wasawesome cant wait to back to morrow in the morning well i dont know what else to say but i found out that  have a gymsoimgoingto do that at work awesome love evryone big bad BERNIE ISBACK IN TOWN

Friday, March 18, 2011


well hello evryone its been going ok lately i got a little sick yesterday came home early but im ok now.
well i think when get start american eagle it will be awesome i think its a great company nto work for and grow so i hope evrything goes well who ever reading this i need paryers i sometimes feel im losing with out my friends but i know in my heart and my life to god i will move forward . over the years i dint think no one cared about me no one new i existed now i know there is people who care and love me andi love them to who u know who you are well i just want to keep saying thank yuo to allwhospent time with me invited me to go places and to learn about life and a very very big thjank yuo to youfawn and zac and to ms marcy thank you for checking up on me and leaving greant and awesome comments with out you or fawn icouldnt move forward hope some dasy me andbro can meet yuoms=. marcy hugs and kisses

Saturday, March 12, 2011


i know i havent been on this for a while i just been very exhuasted and want to sya that im doing well i only thing thats missing are my true friends mosiac and fawn and zac  but sometimes we have to live with out our friends to succed and there life will join again with mine i just miss goingto mosiac and having conversation with evryone thanks to my bro  im very happy i met some wonderful great and inspiring people to get me out of my jam im hoping i get back and see them again i really miss mosaic i guess i have to wait till ican go back