Meet Fawn Woodfin my Lifestyle Specialist

Fawn is a vibrant Lifestyle Specialist who focuses on encouraging others to live their lives to the fullest, while making their health a priority. The mindset behind everything is her main focus, while she also enforces a balanced nutrition plan and personalized exercise for each individual. Fawn currently lives in Los Angeles, where she and her husband Zac, are working with clients all over the country, encouraging them through their weight loss journeys. She believes that anyone can make anything happen that they set their mind to, they just have to believe in themselves!

Most of her childhood was in Honduras where she and her family spent many days building homes, connecting with the culture and feeding the hungry. It was then that she developed the desire to implement positive change in the world. Her deep love for people and the desire to make a difference are the driving forces behind everything that she does.

With tools like the Disc Assessment and Strengths Finder, Fawn has begun to analyze and devote time to developing a greater understanding of human lifestyle tendencies. She is a columnist for the Lifestyle Fitness section of the Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, and also writes on mindset for elite fitness clubs. From working with an orphanage in Ensenada Mexico to devoting time to at risk youth in Los Angeles, Fawn is always taking time to impact the lives around her. She has the ability to connect to a wide variety of individuals on an emotional level and has the gift of making them feel comfortable immediately upon introduction