Meet Bernardo Garcia

Hello Everyone! My name is Bernardo Garcia. I am 5'8 and currently weigh 240 pounds. I am pre-diabetic so I have to get my butt into gear and shed some pounds! I was inspired by my brother, Cande's weight loss journey, and have decided to go on one of my own.nI am ready to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. I am a Mexican American. My dad comes from Guadalajara, Mexico and my mom is from San Antonio, Texas. I guess you can say that I’m a Tex-Mex! I am the first born son and I grew up in a pretty strict home.  Growing up was hard, I was always bullied as a kid, so I guess that is where some of my anger comes from. As I moved on to Jr. High, I was still being bullied by other kids...they would throw paint on me, take my stuff, and hit me.  High School came along and I was scared to go because of the gangs or stuff happening, but I ended up going and no one really bothered me. Although I wasn’t very popular, I was always known as the nice guy. 
I have always loved sports. I wanted to play High School football, I tried out,  but I didn’t end up playing.  I always wanted to play for my favorite team the Los Angeles Dodgers...that was my dream! I remember my mom taking me to a Dodger game and I told her i wanted to play.  Thats when I saw one of my favorite players pitch...Fernando Valenzuela  As the years passed by I would play football and handball, but not at the level I had always dreamed of. I LOVE handball... I was very good at it and was proudly named handball champion in my p.e. class!  I now would like to get healthy enough to play baseball in a Sunday league again because it is still my favorite sport.  
After graduation I stared working odd jobs. My first job was at the airport for a little restaurant...California Pizza Kitchen then with Lucky which turned into Albertsons. Then I went back to the airport as a ramp agent throwing bags in the planes. It was fun at first it kept me busy I was at the airport for nine years. I flew from Seattle to Florida and it was fun!
I currently do not have a job and am ready to get my life in order! I need to lose weight, gain self confidence and experience a complete lifestyle transformation.  I want my life to be better...I don’t want to live a life where I’m angry and scared all the time. I am pretty shy and am currently living life “in a box” I guess you could say. I know that I also need to eat better and am ready to do what it takes to make a healthy lifestyle my priority.  Life is too short not to experience it anymore.