Friday, July 1, 2011


hello friends how is evrybodydoing sorry i havent been on lately i been having toubl=e with my comp well anywaysim back on everything has been great i bee n off tracklately i been trying to get back on it i know i should work less but right n ow its not an option it hard for me to stop especially when my father feel like he goingto losthe house that y im working so much andidont want to be home this week i have had no day off i been doing doubles basicallykilling my self but anyways i just need yuor help onhow i can use my time more wisely and also i can even travel i had to cancel my flight bc it was fuull andbc i need to help out my dad bc he not working  so all the wight on me now it sucks and frustrating i need help  i some time want to cry and leave i dont know what i need to to do to move forward i want to move out but ifeel that i cant bc if i do im afraid thatmy dad going to blame e for me not hel;ping im not saying y dad is bad is that all he thinks about money and makes it worse for me i can even enjoy my own money sorry toanyone who going to read thisuknowwho u arethats the way ifee=llr

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