Thursday, April 7, 2011

hi yall

well ibeen havibng an awesome time at my new job i love it i get to fly or travel but thats not the point the point is i have a job that i loved for years and evrything is coming back to me evryone is awesome there and we sometimes have convesration of god some of them not all but im working for a great company its not as hectic as my last job but i love and also imdoing great and i found out they have a gym i only get to pay a one time fee and use it for a life time i still need to get information on who to talk to i will be hitting the gym well just want to thank evry one for the coments and just want to say im sorry for not being on here im just treying to go for how my week went and post out my week hope u guys understand whta im trying to do but anyways love evryone i miss you zac and fawn i need ur energy

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