Tuesday, February 15, 2011

im going to miss you

i have a job and looking forward to working and working hard so yea and my best friends who gave me a new person a new mind are leaving for a great oppurtunity congrats buddy and were going to miss u it sad but good in a way it didnt hit me that much when i got a text from fawn it hit me more on sunday i got emotinal for the short time that i know you guys yuo guys have been the best thank you but anywaysi held zac pretty hard and told him thank you wish you guys weel your always loved by thegarcia family thank you to the both of you for getting me out of my world and coming out to a new one  MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT


  1. I think you'll always be a part of their lives Bernie even though they'll no longer be living close by. They really love and care for you. And you've made them both very proud.

  2. Bernie...you know how much we adore you! ALWAYS will love you...so proud of you!