Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hello friends

well i woke up in a good mood ate my breafast i had rasin bran and 2 eggs then iran twice around and tookm y mom on errands i asked her to drop me ooff on motor ave and venice i ran from there to my house and only took me an hr i was like wow when my mom open the door she was happy and excited she alos told me iwas crazy but idid im am so soar my legs rel hurt but iam going to run more later i need to llok good for my self. i want to thank zac and fawn for everything they have done for us they givng me life they gave me power will determination they gave me a new world that i cann se and i am worth it 100% regardless of what people say they gave me an authentic bernie thats who iam original powerful exquisite charming man i know i still have my faults but im learning those faults my life is god thank you so much zac and fawn much love and respect for you guys i lvoe you guys you guys are so awesome i thank god he put you guys in me and my brothers and sisters life thank you

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  1. Wow Bernie. You are so full of joy and that comes through beautifully. Keep on course. You're changing in many wonderful ways. God bless you.