Monday, December 6, 2010


hello evryone i fel like i let myself down this week for some reason i been tired i have done my runs and walks but idont feel the same dont know why but sunday i saw the best thing my brother getting baptized i felt good watching my bro get baptized. I felt bad for my mom though me and zac had to pick her up the stairs she was crying almost making me cry and she was ambarrased i told her not to be i felt bad but she couldnt go up there stairs by her selfso we helped then ihad to run to get my truck so i think she coukld nt walk anymore my queen i do love her very much. i know i havent written i some time forget but when evr i read all my comments iwant to cry and helps me push forward thank you al for you support love and rtespect from the big bad bernie just kidding from the sweetest guy anyone will ever meet. thank you to all


  1. I have not met you, but I can tell from your writing that you are the sweetest guy anyone will ever meet. I am proud that you saw your brother change and you wanted that change too! God will make the changes. I am glad your mom was even able to make it, after just getting out of the hospital. It made my heart love you more when you called your mom your queen. My boy treats me like that too. Keep up the good work!

  2. I'm know your mom is proud to call you her son! It's great that you were all there to see your brother's spiritual change and dedication to the lord. I'm envious my sons are 8 and 2 but I'm not yet their queen - can't wait for that. Keep going. The tiredness will go. Make sure your following your eating plan from fawn.

  3. Bean, don't you worry! There will be times when you get tired and all you gotta do is look up and reach out to God. He'll give you the strength you need to make it through the day. Chin up! I'm happy ya'll(got the country accent) made it to Slim's Baptism. I wish I were there, but I was there in spirit. Keep it up Bean!

  4. Big Bernie...oh wait i can't call you that anymore. You're getting lean and mean! I'm proud of how far you've come! Look forward to continuing the journey with you! Stay Strong!


  5. atas why am here bro to encourage you ii look forward to mybe seeing you getting baptized 1 day so keep on keepin on! =)